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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Virtual Private Servers offer all the advantages of a dedicated server at a much lower cost due to the fact you share some resources, like CPU, on much larger clusters of servers. With a VPS, just like a dedicated server, you have full root access and are able to install whichever software you like on to your system. Give your business a secure, resilient platform to grow with our new Cloud Servers. With secure UK data centres and dedicated UK technical support on hand 24/7, our servers enable your business to stay online and scale-up resources as your requirements grow.

VPS Configuration

RAM (Gb)
Storage (Gb)
Operating System
Minimum Term
  • Your Configuration
  • 1 vCPU   1 Gb RAM   50 Gb Storage
  • Setup: £30.00 +VAT
  • Monthly: £15.00 +VAT

VPS Hosting Environment

Our VPS cluster (cloud) is based on the latest VMware platform. This enables us to run a large number of virtual machines on a powerful and fully redundant architecture delivering the highest possible performance and reliability. Should failure occur, or maintenance need to be carried out, your virtual machine will automatically and seamlessly migrate to another node within our cluster and just keep on running.


The hypervisors are the servers that do the thinking and computing, these are where the virtual machines actually run. Our capacity management ensures that there is ample capacity to handle the simultaneous failure of two hypervisors at any time.

Storage Servers

All the hypervisors connect to our storage architecture, this is where the data that makes up the virtual machine is stored. Our storage servers are custom engineered, built to be both fault tolerant and deliver high data throughput. We take redundancy very seriously, employing dual power supplies, fed from separate A&B UPS/generator protected feeds in the data centre.

Each server can withstand the simultaneous failure of two disks, without impacting performance. All of our storage servers are accelerated using redundant Flash & SSD caches. We are constantly re-engineering our storage achitechture, deploying new technologies as they come to market.

Customers can manage many aspects of their VPS through our portal, including rebooting servers, connecting to the servers virtual console, and reinstalling software using our ISO library.

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