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Server Colocation

Perfect for those looking to host individual servers out of our London data centres, we provide one of the most cost effective and competitive packages on the market. We've designed our pricing to be as simple and transparent as possible, based on your actual power and bandwidth usage. As such all of our power and network ports are metered, and you can see your usage in realtime via our customer portal. Our inclusive bandwidth can be delivered via a BGP feed, or using our IP address space. We aim to be as flexible and accommodating as possible, with a minimum contract length of just 3 months.

London Colocation Packages

We are currently offering the following colocation packages out of our Great Sutton Street data centre.

Power 0.4 amps 0.5 amps 0.8 amps 1.0 amp
Bandwidth 10 Mbps CDR 10 Mbps CDR 10 Mbps CDR 10 Mbps CDR
Transfer ~ 3000Gb ~ 3000Gb ~ 3000Gb ~ 3000Gb
Port Speed 100 Mbit 100 Mbit 100 Mbit 100 Mbit
Setup £50.00 +VAT £50.00 +VAT £50.00 +VAT £50.00 +VAT
Monthly £60.00 +VAT £75.00 +VAT £120.00 +VAT £150.00 +VAT
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Truly Metered Power & Bandwidth Pricing
£15.00 per month per 0.1 amps power [99th%ile]
£4.50 per month per Mbps (first 10 Mbps free) [95th%tile]

True Transparency

We believe in being truly transparent with our customers, and provide full graphing access to both power and bandwidth usage via our customer portal.

Power graph showing customers actual usage

Bandwidth graph showing customers actual usage

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