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IP Transit / Bandwidth

Our high speed backbone provides your network with a fast and reliable connection to the rest of the internet. Delivered as static assignments or via BGP, from any of our on-net locations via our multi-homed network. We believe in transparency and provide customers with extensive access to network information, data, and graphs via our customer portal.

BGP Delivery

For customers managing their own routers, we deliver a full internet routing table, and announce your address space to all of our upstream providers and peers. As network operators, we understand that route optimisation is critically important, and we provide a range of definable BGP community strings, enabling you to distinguish route origins, and manage the propagation of your own prefixes.

Static Delivery

For customers who do not wish to manage their own routers, we deliver a statically routed connection, handling all of the routing & network management for you. If you don't have your own IP addresses (prefixes), we can supply addresses out of our Provider Aggregatable (PA ) allocation, or take you through the process of obtaining your own Provider Independant (PI ) allocation.

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